Today we celebrate Tigran Ter Stepanian's birthday

Tigran Ter Stepanian

Tigran Ter Stepanian is the guitarist and the leader of Arax Band. Tigran has also given many concerts as a classical soloist and has collaborated with various orchestras.

He has participated in several music festivals in Armenia, Russia, Belgium, France and the USA, collaborated with different artists such as: Ruben Hakhverdian, Arthur Meschian, Lilit Pipoyan, Armen Movsissian, Nara Noyan and others.

Tigran has also arranged the majority of the works of the composer-singer-poet Robert Hakhverdian, with whom he has recorded several albums.

The rigor of his classical musical education and his passion for traditional music have led him to create a subtle mix and a harmonious encounter between these two musical genres.