Today We Celebrate Ashot Zohrabyan's Birthday

Ashot Zohrabyan

Ashot Zohrabyan is an esteemed Armenian composer of mostly orchestral, chamber and vocal works that have been performed in Europe and elsewhere. 

Zohrabyan pursued his musical education at the Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory from 1967 to 1972, studying composition with Professor Grigori Yeghiazaryan. Following his graduation, he entered the faculty of the Conservatory, first as a teacher of music theory and instrumentation, and later as Professor of Composition (since 1980).

His music has been performed throughout Armenia, as well as in Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the US. Zohrabyan's musical language is thoroughly interwoven with the musical tradition of his native Armenia. His compositions are marked by strict logic and general transparency, whilst the minutest structural details are worked out throughout the development of the piece.

The composer concentrated on instrumental music from the outset of his career, showing marked preference for chamber genres. While still a student of Yeghiazaryan's at the conservatory, Zohrabyan wrote a number of works for various instrumental combinations. He confined himself to chamber music in order to be able to concentrate on every detail, polish off the musical text and achieve inner harmony.

His ideas found their most graphic realization in the two books of his Boomerang Games for instrumental ensemble, written some time after his graduation from the conservatory. Performed in Yerevan and at the Georges Pompidou Cultural Centre in Paris, this work summed up seven years of tireless searchings on the part of Ashot Zohrabyan.

Outstanding musicians, such as the cellist Medea Abramyan and members of the Yerevan Chamber Orchestra, readily perform his works on the concert stage, where they are invariably acclaimed as original and attractive compositions. His works have also been performed during various festivals, such as the Holland Festival in the Netherlands.