Song #5 - Artsakh

Song #5 - Artsakh

Written and arranged by Ara Gevorgyan in 1999, Artsakh honours the memory of the friends Gevorgyan lost in the Armenia Azerbaijan war. The song was released in Gevorgyan’s Ani CD.

Returning from Artsakh, Gevorgyan composes Artsakh, which would consist of several parts, each having its own meaning:
The beginning represents the war sirens, with the entry of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Gevorgyan depicts the arrival of bad news. The dhols section represents the Armenian nation arising to their feet to defend. The fast and repetitive section of the track symbolises a brief part of the war. The duduk section, performed by Djivan Gasparyan is to mourn the fallen soldiers. The track ends with victorious music.

The piece has been used by a number of figure skaters, athletes and gymnasts around the world. In 2002, Russian figure skater Alexander Abf performed under Artsakh at the Salt Lake City Olympics. Georgian figure skater Elene Gedevanishvili performed under Artsakh in Turin, Italy in 2006.

Artsakh has certainly become one of the most well known modern pieces of Armenian music to have entered the world of music globally.

Artsakh is the fifth song of the 100 Songs of Armenia project, initiated by Music of Armenia. 100 Songs of Armenia is a year long project, which presents 100 most important Armenian songs that have shaped the Armenian cultural heritage and its reality. It is a means through which Music of Armenia further educates and raises awareness about Armenian music to audiences around the world.