Music of Armenia launches Sayat Nova Festival - 18, 22, 24 June 2016

Sayat Nova Festival 2016

Sayat Nova Festival aims to preserve and promote the legacy of Sayat Nova and ashough culture in general. For several days, Sayat Nova Festival brings together musicians of all backgrounds and levels of experience in an event solely dedicated to this utmost treasured artform.

Sayat Nova Festival is an annual festival, which further enhances the importance of Sayat Nova’s music and the impact ashough culture has had, and provides a platform for Armenian musicians and interested audiences to learn more about this artform and fully experience its rich and versatile music.

Programme of events:

18 June 2016 | 8pm
Hakob Khalatyan & Guests
Cafesjian Center for the Arts, 10 Tamanyan Street, Yerevan
Tickets: 2000 AMD
Ticket reservations: +374 10 56 72 62

22 June 2016 | 7pm
Concert of young Armenian musicians
Megerian Carpet, 9 Madoyan Street, Yerevan
Tickets: 1500 AMD
Ticket reservation: +374 95 930 995

24 June 2016 | 7pm
Screening and Discussion of “The Color of Pomegranates”
The LOFT, 3 Moskovyan Street, Yerevan
Ticket reservations: 041 40 88 64 | 043 40 88 64

For more information please visit Sayat Nova Festival’s official website.

Special thanks to our partners and sponsors:
Cafesjian Centre for the Arts
Megerian Carpet
Silk Road Hotel
Sayat Nova Cultural Union
Karas Wines